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This my absolute favourite jumper to date. A great statement floral print,with strong but simple colours harking back to a different age of design before we just printed photos of everything on clothes but had artists actually design a print before we use it. The print itself is sold by Penfield in a variety of different garments but the sweater is my favourite due to the sheer versatility of the item.

Crew necks sweats are so wearable, they team well with a shirt,  tee, polo-shirt or anything/nothing underneath depending how crazy you’re feeling! Then in terms of outerwear they work on their own as an outer layer for warmer seasons and can easily be paired with casual jackets for winter, most raincoats can’t go wrong with a sweater and even light jackets or gillets work for warmer months. Now that’s wearable clothing if ever such a thing existed.

This statement piece from Penfield is absolutely stunning and since the moment i saw it i’ve been entranced, bold florals, great colours and a print that is neither too complex, too simple or repeating itself too much across the canvas that is the crew neck sweater.

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